Google killed Google Reader, after failure after social failure on the Internet (Clear the X, 1x20)

Google killed Google Reader, after failure after social failure on the Internet (Clear the X, 1×20)

Google gives us, Google takes us away. The services of this technological giant are used by billions of people, but there are times when the company decides that it is time to leave behind some of those services. This week has happened that same with Google+, a social network that tried to compete with Facebook for years but ended up diluting and moving to irrelevance.

That's exactly what we talked about in this episode of Clear X our weekly podcast that this time will try to reveal the reasons for the failure of Google+. On the way, yes, we will remember the disappearance (much more tragic) of Google Reader the RSS reader that for years accompanied us in our review of daily news. That decision showed that Google does not tremble when it sees that its services are not profitable or end up giving it more problems than solutions.

In today's chapter of Despeja la X they accompany us Andrés Mohorte ( @mohorte ), coordinator of Magnet, and Javier Pastor ( @javipas ), senior editor at Engadget. At the controls of the production is as always Santi Araujo ( @SantiAraujo ) that also presents the podcast.

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Fourth is not the loser either

The detonator of closure has been the vulnerability that Google detected (and corrected) in Google+ in March. The Wall Street Journal uncovered the cake, and shortly after Google published an article explaining the problem and confirming that at all times did the right thing because among other things the GDPR had not yet entered into force .


We do not know if the social network had remained alive if this discovery did not occur, but the truth is that the closure supposes the announced death of a service that tried to propose an alternative to the almighty Facebook.

It was not the first attempt of Google in this sense, but the most important: before we saw how Friend Connect, Orkut or Google Buzz tried to introduce Google in a segment that has always ended up escaping from its control.

Google put all the meat in the spit, but never managed to get the social network, and in fact its limited use has undoubtedly been key argument to close this service and reconvert it in the coming months in a platform for companies. In spite of everything, we will miss you, Google +

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