The robot 'Atlas' of Boston Dynamics doing parkour shows us why it is one of the best humanoid robots today

The robot 'Atlas' of Boston Dynamics doing parkour shows us why it is one of the best humanoid robots today

It has been just over five years since we met Boston Dynamics and its amazing humanoid robot 'Atlas' which as curious data was responsible for Larry Page driving the purchase of the company by Google, although this did not work as expected and are now part of SoftBank, which contrary to what many might think, it seems that it has done extraordinarily well to the company Robotics.

Well, after we've seen Atlas walk under extreme temperature conditions, pick up items and use them naturally, load heavy objects as if it were human, walk through complicated terrains while maintaining balance and even tumbling backwards, today the impressive robot of Boston Dynamics leaves us open-mouthed again in a new video.

As explained by Boston Dynamics, Atlas is now able to do parkour, where the realm Awesomeness is the ease, naturalness and well-achieved movements, which imitate almost perfectly the movements of the human being.

Boston Dynamics has updated Atlas software to improve the accuracy of calculation and movement, so who is now able to perform lateral jumps using the movement of the arms, just as a human being does. That is, we are facing a major improvement in engineering and robotics never before shown in this field.

The new control software not only manages the movement of the legs, and now arms, but also the torso, in addition to allowing calculate the energy and force necessary to perform the jumps, as well as the exact location. With this, Atlas now has the ability to perform jumps on steps of up to 40 centimeters continuously and without breaking the pace.

In addition, Atlas has received an update in hardware and software of computer vision, which allows you to identify objects to perform their movements with a precision never before seen.

Boston Dynamics maintains the argument that Atlas, and the rest of its robots, are just developing and the idea is that in the future they will serve in the industrial or rescue sector in tasks where strength and physical ability are required.

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