the villains are among us

the villains are among us

'Glass' has everything to become a great cinematographic event since we found out its existence little by little we have learned about the plot that will surround the closing of the trilogy of superheroes of M.Night Shyamalan, a trilogy that nobody expected and that will come to its conclusion after 19 years of having premiered the first film.

For those who do not know, ' Glass ' will be the conclusion of the one story that began in 2000 with ' Unbreakeable ' and that 17 years later we would discover that it was a trilogy through the magnificent ' Split '. 'Glass' paints to be a clash of universes that nobody expected, and this second trailer tells us that we could be facing something really spectacular.

“There are real villains among us and authentic heroes within us “

This new film will focus on the character of Samuel L. Jackson, 'Mr. Glass' who apparently will team up with the incredible Kevin Crumb and his many personalities, played masterfully by James McAvoy, who will face the “Protected”, David Dunn, the amazing superhero played by Bruce Willis. [19659005] 'Glass' paints to be fresh air for the superhero movies, where everything focuses on personalities and internal conflicts beyond action and special effects. As we know, the film was directed again by M.Night Shyamalan, who was also responsible for the script.

The rest of the cast is complemented by Anya Taylor-Joy, whom we saw in 'Split', Spencer Treat Clark, the son of David Dunn, and Charlayne Woodard, the mother of Elijah, in addition to the incorporation of Sarah Paulson.

'Glass' will be released this coming January 18, 2019 where according to Shyamalan will be “the first truly realistic comic book movie”. That is, the hype is skyrocketing, now we only expect it to meet and exceed expectations.

Finally we leave them with the first trailer for those who did not see it in his moment, and his official posters.


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