Germany approves V2G technology with the idea of ​​revolutionizing the electrical network

Germany approves V2G technology with the idea of ​​revolutionizing the electrical network

The great opportunity of the electric car is its big problem. A few days ago, we explained why traditional electricity grids were not prepared for the success of this type of vehicles. And, nevertheless, it is possible that it is one of the keys to transforming the network .

Without going any further, Nissan has just obtained the approval of Germany so that its model LEAF can be used as a support for the electrical network by means of V2G. A technology that sees electric vehicles as what they are also: huge batteries with wheels distributed throughout the territory .

Towards the 'smart grid' via the electric car

Technology vehicle-to-grid allows the electric vehicle and the supply network to be connected bidirectionally. That is, thanks to the V2G, the same connection can be used to charge the car and to sell electricity to the electricity grid. In this way, the fleet of vehicles can serve as support to the network to balance the problems of production and consumption in real time.

It's not science fiction. In the United Kingdom, there are already two approved models (LEAF and e-NV2000) that allow using this technology at home. With the vehicle connected to the network, users can charge the car when the energy is cheap and sell it when demand increases the price. The result of the use of this technology is that users are receiving up to 1300 euros a year .

Germany joins the implementation of this new technology, but this first step goes a little further beyond the introduction of V2G technology. It is also part of the commercial battle that exists between charger systems . While Nissan works with CHAdeMO German manufacturers use the CCS Combo which aims to become the European standard against Japanese technology and the one used by Tesla.

In the next years, if the estimates are right, millions of electric cars will invade the streets around the world. For this, we will have to face a fundamental challenge: to modernize the electrical system, to advance once and for all towards the intelligent network . V2G technology is just one more element in this process of trying to turn problems into opportunities .

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