OnePlus 6T, analysis. Review with features, price and specifications

OnePlus 6T, analysis. Review with features, price and specifications

With some shade caused by, among others, Xiaomi, OnePlus continues in its particular race to get a round terminal in all its sections. The new OnePlus 6T is the second model that the manufacturer presents this year, with improvements not so much in the hardware base as in extras and behavior. In Xataka we have already been able to test it thoroughly .

Data sheet of the OnePlus 6T

Although back in the month of May we suspected that the OnePlus 6 could be the only flagship of the manufacturer for this year, finally here we are with the OnePlus 6T in the hands .

The new OnePlus phone maintains the strengths of the model just a few months ago but reinforces it with a slight change in design that hides much more than meets the eye.

OnePlus 6T


157.5 x 74.8 x 8.2 millimeters
185 grams


AMOLED of 6.41 inches with Gorilla Glass 6
Ratio 19.5: 9, and resolution 2,340 x 1,080


Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
Eight cores, 10 nm and up to 2.8 GHz


Adreno 630

RAM memory [19659007] 6 and 8 GB LPDDR4X

Internal storage

128 and 256 GB UFS 2.1

Operating system

OxygenOS based on Android 9 Foot


3,700 mAh

Rear camera [19659007] Double sensor:
Main sensor: SONY IMX519 16 megapixel with OIS, f / 1.7 and 1.22μm
Secondary sensor: SONY IMX376K 20 megapixel with aperture f / 1.7 and pixel size of 1.0μm
] LED Flash Dual

Front camera

Sony IMX371 16-megapixel sensor, aperture f / 2.0 and pixel size 1.0μm


WiF i 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, 2.4 / 5 GHz, MiMO 2×2, Bluetooth 5
LTE Download 1Gbps, upload 150 Mbps
NFC, GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo


Fingerprint under display, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, ambient light, electronic compass, Hub sensor


USB 2.0 C-type and support for USB Audio, Dual nano-SIM

Price [19659007] From $ 549

In addition to the update of the operating system, already hosting Android 9, the most relevant of the OnePlus 6T is in the fingerprint sensor under the screen . Around that element is built the OnePlus 6T that we have already tested in Engadget and whose base price is $ 549 for the version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

A testimonial notch

Without a Qualcomm processor to be released, OnePlus had nothing easy to promote the arrival of a new phone just six months after the world premiere of the previous one.

The OnePlus 6T could indicate by its surname that we are not facing a version that changes too much compared to the previous generation, but we should not be fooled by appearances. Because although in essence we are in front of a OnePlus recognizable by details like the lateral physical button to manage the notifications, there are substantial changes.

The most notable to the naked eye is el notch whether we want it or not. If with the OnePlus 6 we find ourselves with the adoption of the omnipresent notch to house the sensors and front cameras without giving up scratching as many screens as possible, in this OnePlus 6T we do not get rid of that element but something changes.

The notch does not disappear from the design of the OnePlus 6T but it has been reduced to the minimum expression to make it less visual

 Oneplus 6t 14

The notch of the OnePlus 6T is reduced to the minimum expression in a way that we like. It hardly takes up space thanks to the fact that the sensors have been slightly relocated, and quite a few of the applications that we use the most are prepared for this special notch.

The system and the applications installed by default, which are just those of Google and little else, take advantage and take advantage of that space to place the notification and information bar, and others such as Instagram, YouTube or 1Password adapt correctly.

If, despite the unobtrusive and well-worn notch of the OnePlus 6T, you still prefer not to have it, there's no problem. You can hide it without losing too much of the screen space of the terminal.

Metal seems, crystal is

With the OnePlus 6 came the crystal to the body of our protagonist. In this OnePlus 6T that material repeats but does it with a special treatment.

Very simulate a frosted finish OnePlus has placed a treatment and subsequent sheet on the glass of the OnePlus 6T that gives greater grip, strength and in the case of the matte model we have tested, in black , an appearance and touch that passes perfectly by metal .

 Oneplus 6t 4 Also to the tect as in appearance, the matte model it happens perfectly like a smartphone with a metal finish

That finish is very respectful of the traces and dirt, and at first sight this week of use does not seem to be excessively delicate with microabrasions or scratches.

We also do not think the screen is, with protection Gorilla Glass 6 . And that was something that worried us and what we will look at in the long term. Mainly for what this OnePlus 6T hides under the screen and for which we do not want to have a classic glass protector on it.

The OnePlus phone keeps the sober and elegant lines * * in its design, and returns to be shown as one of the most successful in overall dimensions and finish. ** In hand it is very comfortable because of its small width . It also has an adequate thickness and balanced weight and content that does not convey a feeling of heaviness for the terminal.

 Oneplus 6t 11

To give it personality OnePlus is still betting on its own cases , light and it seems that something thinner. In the box comes a transparent transparent, but we can buy some more to exchange them. In my case, the one that simulates the texture of sandstone is still my favorite.

In that back part the camera continues occupying the central part superior, with his two lenses adopted the vertical configuration (and without hardly excelling of the profile of the telephone something already almost unique in the market of the range high), with the flash just below. And yes, without classic fingerprint reader . That gives some exclusivity and cleanness to that case that closes perfectly in a metal frame and also with a matte finish.

The OnePlus 6T dispenses with the headphone port but gives us the option to have a double nanoSIM

At the connection level no surprise. On the right side we find the start button perfectly placed, and just at the top, the button in charge of the notification slider . It does not hinder but certainly we had almost forgotten about him.

 Oneplus 6t 18

The volume control is on the left side, also with good travel and perfect placement where we usually position the fingers when picking up the terminal. In its upper part there is room for the removable tray of the nanoSIM. Here an interesting novelty is that we are facing a terminal dualSIM .

And finally at the bottom is the USB-C port and ready. Do not look for headphone output because there is no .

An OLED screen with surprise

From 6.28 to 6.41 and I shot because it touches me. That is almost the only difference of the OLED panel of the OnePlus 6T with respect to the model to which it happens. The merit? of that difference must be given to the reduction of the notch. But it is not what we are interested in this panel.

On a technical level we are facing a screen AMOLED with a resolution of 2340×1080 pixels that reach us for a density of 408 ppi . That translates into a complete clarity at a glance. The aspect ratio is 19.5: 9

 Oneplus 6t 7

Also with the angles of vision and the tinting of the AMOLED not of maximum quality there is solution. In this OnePlus 6T that we have been able to test, there is hardly any variation when we rotate the terminal, which is excellent news.

 Oneplus 6t 13

To allow each one to adopt the calibration and experience that I want or look into the daily use of the phone, OnePlus maintains five options one of which we can customize. The other four are the adaptive mode, the factory default mode (more true to striking OLED screens) and the two based on color profiles: sRGB or DCI-P3.

In my experience and preferences I prefer the adaptive mode which without offering an exaggerated saturation as the default mode, does not maintain a warmth that does not convince me of the DCI-P3 mode.

 Calibration Screen

Among the other options of the OLED screen of the OnePlus 6T we find the reading and night modes which can be managed at our use and convenience, including many options. In the case of the reading mode, which adapts color temperature and panel calibration, we can individually choose which applications to use by default.

 Screen Mode

If an AMOLED panel could not miss the functionality of screen environment . If it were not we would feel somewhat empty.

Although it has basic functionality, the OnePlus 6T does not lack the ambient screen mode

The ambient mode of the OnePlus 6T is far from the possibilities of other manufacturers and is limited to show time, information of the remaining battery (and status, in case of being loaded) and pending notification and notification icons.

In the options of OxygenOS we can only choose when we want the screen to appear and if it will be activated or not with new notifications, in which case we do see a preview of the message. But you have to catch it on time because it does not stay long.

 Options Screen Environment

The fingerprint sensor on the screen works

] Neither we have gone crazy or forgotten the biometric identification that one already feels part of the day to day with your smartphone. What happens is that in this OnePlus 6T the manufacturer debuts his bet on the fingerprint sensor under the screen . And it has convinced us.

If you can not find the fingerprint reader, do not worry: it's under the screen and works quite well

We can not say that for now the experience is just as intuitive as with the physical reader in the front , but with some margin and time, I am convinced that we will not miss it. In any case this week of use with the OnePlus 6T and its sensor under the screen, it is clear to me why I have always preferred the fingerprint reader in the front and not in the back . It seems more natural or more to what I personally am used to.

 Unlock Footprint

Follow the initial configuration, somewhat heavier than with a physical reader, the fingerprint reader under the screen is ready to try to convince us.

When the screen is off there is no sign of where that reader of our fingerprint is located. Yes appears its silhouette with the adaptive screen or when we activate the panel . If we have selected the mode that turns on the screen when you pick up the terminal, voila, we have solved the appearance of the area where we must place our finger.

The fingerprint reader is located about 2-3 centimeters from the bottom frame, and it is quite simple to assimilate their situation.

 Oneplus 6t 5

In this week of use it has become the default method to unlock the terminal. And did not disappoint me at all .

There is hardly any difference in speed of operation with respect to a physical sensor and it is enough to place the finger and an animation that we can customize gives us visual warning that everything is going as it should. There is no physical response by vibration or of any type to indicate us that the reading is in progress or whether it has been a success or not. Everything is done in a visual way.

The other method of biometric identification is the face, and as it has happened to all terminals that I have tested with a biometric identification system, the combination of both is the best solution because it will end up working The faster it happens.

 Oneplus 6t 6

In general, the facial recognition system of the OnePlus 6T maintains speed and level of accuracy even in poor light conditions . In many cases it does not really take time to put your finger on the fingerprint reader because the system has already recognized our face.

Face recognition only we miss that allowed us to enter the system from the screen environment, without having to be effectively active

In the OnePlus 6T I would have liked the recognition of faces gave us the option of enter the system directly from the ambient screen. The combination I take the terminal of the table, the ambient screen is turned on and when I look and I am inside the system it is very tempting. But it is not possible.

The system only works when the screen is actually active so you have to pull the physical unlock button so that just by pointing the phone to your face, we can identify.

Now no headphone port and with the same basic sound

Not very good news we bring for the fans of a great sound on the phone. To start the OnePlus 6T dispenses with the headphone jack and now it leaves the side of an adapter to be able to use ones via cable.

When we connect them, the personalization possibilities, not many, of the sound are activated, which we can even adjust to certain types of headphones, most of the OnePlus itself. There is also an equalizer (audio tuner) to try to find a better sound. But do not expect much. The sound continues to look like something flat series.

 Oneplus 6t 1

If we go to the speakers, the sound is quite powerful although not very definite . The pity is that although in the design we see two zones in the lower frame, in reality only the slit on the left is the speaker. There is no stereo sound and the experience is pretty decaffeinated in that sense.

Gross power to the latest

It may be curious that contrary to what usually happens with other second flagship opportunities that come out the same year as the first model, the OnePlus 6T does not bring hardware-level innovations pure and hard .

Certainly he neither needed nor had the possibility to do so. In the data sheet of the OnePlus 6T we find the same Snapdragon 845 with varied combinations of RAM that do not fall in any case of 6 GB. In our test model we have 8 GB .

We also get good figures in PCMAark 2.0 Work, with 8508 points, as well as in SlingShot Extreme with OPenGL, where the OnePlus 6T gets 4703 points.

As you can see in the gross figures of this OnePlus 6T, the manufacturer maintains the excellent performance, getting the best total figures of the year in its segment.

 Oneplus 6t 9

If we pass it on to our experience with the terminal in this week of use, everything is stable. Having an operating system like OxygenOS does nothing but reinforce the total fluidity in everything we do with this OnePlus smartphone.

Applications, no matter how demanding they are, transitions, multitasking, game … everything offers an outstanding experience without any problem or failure. Despite this deployment of power, we have not noticed a warming that should worry us when playing or playing video.

As for the internal memory, now there are only two versions to choose from: 128 and 256 GB without the possibility of external expansion.

Very good battery

The OnePlus 6T , with more or less the same characteristics as the model that premiered in May, weighs about 10 grams more. In total they are 185 grams. The main reason is well worth it.

In the OnePlus 6T we find one of the best autonomies of the year by far

The OnePlus 6T battery now reaches 3700 mAh a number more in line with the rivals and with the pretensions of this high-end model. And we have noticed a lot of improvement.

With an intensive use and in accordance with the tests that we pass on all our phones, the OnePlus 6T marks us on average more than 24 hours of use and about 9 hours of screen. In total we are talking about an autonomy that far exceeds and easily the day and a half of autonomy . Some days we arrived home at around 9 at night with 50% of the battery still remaining and about four hours of screen.

 Oneplus 6t 16 The OnePlus box does not lack the fast charger standard and the classic bicolour charging cable

But when we need to load urgently there is fast charging (5V / 4A). In our tests this week, 5% to 50% takes 33 minutes, while the full charge (with the series charger) is completed in less than 100 minutes.

It is not pure Android but it does not matter

If by price or global benefits the OnePlus family does not just convince you to decide for it instead of the wide range of terminals even something cheaper, that's what it is for OxygenOS . For me it is the differential value within the segment of Android phones, with nothing that comes close unless you are convinced of pure Android by principles rather than real utility.

OxygenOS, based on Android 9, works so well without giving up a very pure Android experience that is perfectly a purchase reason by itself

The OnePlus 6T debuts OxygenOS in its version 9.0. 3 (at the time we tested the terminal), and based on Android 9 . This combination alone is already a good reason to buy the OnePlus 6T.

To begin and beyond its attractiveness but visual simplicity, OxygenOS does not insist that we use our own apps because it does not even include them. Here you have Android simply and plainly, with not much customization unless you choose to pull NovaLauncher which comes back as standard for those who like this Android launcher.

 Onpleus gestures

Apart from the basic visual aspect, OxygenOS supports a lot of personalization in the handling of the OnePlus terminal based on gestures . The attempt of OnePlus is appreciated, but we have been more comfortable with the classic navigation bar but personalized (double touches for other actions) without it.

If you want to make the most of the screen, the OnePlus 6T supports gestures about she to manage the phone

When we remove it, the direct controls on the screen come into play. The generals, like sliding from top to bottom to minimize an app and go to the desktop, or the one of multitasking (sliding down to the center more slowly), work quite well, although you have to assimilate them if you have not used them in another The one that allows us to go back is the one that has given us the most headache (slide from bottom to top, but from the side), we feel more intuitive the direct button of the classic navigation bar of Android, which also it is that we lose vital space on the screen.

It also supports OxygenOS to draw on the locked screen certain patterns that launch applications or open system options.

 Oxygens on Android 9

Oxygen OS with Android 9 leaves us other details that have conquered us. We have for example the emergency information that we can add and that is only stored on the device. It can be consulted by anyone from the emergency marker.

There is also Game Mode Smart Boost by way of guinea pig and the possibility of using parallel applications with two different accounts . Also the gallery, with collections and a wastebasket where to recover some photo deleted by mistake are notes that we like.

A camera that is safe

As it happened with the combination of processor, RAM and internal memory, the part of the OnePlus 6T camera repeats exactly the same hardware that we find in the OnePlus 6T.

The main camera, the rear one, is composed of two Sony sensors of 20 and 16 MP both with aperture f1.7. But there are more differences beyond the resolution.

 Img 20181023 155749

The main one is the Sony IMX 519, the 16 MP, the which has wide-angle, autofocus DCAF and optical stabilization . The complementary is the 20 MP sensor, a Sony IMX 376K that does not have OIS. This lack of optical stabilization of the sensor intended to achieve a 2X zoom along with a smaller size of photoreceptors give us an idea that the image quality that we will obtain with one and the other will not be the same.

 Day Scene With Noise

As for the secondary sensor we have a Sony IMX 371 16 megapixel, with electronic image stabilization (EIS) and aperture 2.0.

If we talk about the interface, we must admit that without sacrificing simplicity, is one of the easiest to put us choose options and change parameters. And all this being quite fast.

 Camara Interface

The best we see in manual mode, with many possibilities to play with an interesting camera and in which we have everything you need for those who want to get the most out of a smartphone's camera, including RAW mode by hand or even histogram in real time.

As it happened with the previous model, the photographic section of the OnePlus 6T seems destined to ensure and offer a global experience that does not generate problems but that is not the differentiating element of the terminal. In this sense it is perhaps the most Apple approach in the Android world.

Having seen the results, OnePlus can feel satisfied with the work done without resorting to tricks or more palaver than necessary. Your camera works and takes very good pictures in most situations, although errors such as noise even in scenes with light we expected them to be resolved.

 Img 20181023 150711

When light is not a problem, neither by excess nor by defect , the photos we get with the OnePlus 6T enjoy good detail, contrast and exposure. The camera is quite sensitive to the point we choose to expose, so it is best to try to get just the result we are looking for. It is also fast focusing and shooting.

If we opt for the camera with 2X zoom, the results are very correct with good light, and allow us to play both approaching and depth of field.

 Cafe Zoom 2x zoom 2x inside
 Example Zoom 2x zoom 2x in good light

The HDR mode has already become a must to get the most out of the most advanced phone cameras. By default the OnePlus 6T is activated in automatic mode and there seems to be no way to put it in manual. To get it you have to enter the options and activate it. Then it will appear in the automatic mode the option to keep it off, force it in manual or automatic.

About the results with the HDR mode, lights and shadows, never better said. In general scenes it offers good global results but it continues making mistakes with the exhibition, and in not very complicated scenes like the following sunset, leaving in the hands of the telephone the choice of HDR yes or no, it gives us as a result a very forced scene and with tones not natural or adjusted to reality.

 Examples Extreme Hdr
Example Hdr 2

Other important element in the camera of a terminal is portrait mode . Here, as in many other facets of this OnePlus 6T, the results are correct when the light accompanies. There are no mistakes to regret but no great achievements.

It is true that indoors, the OnePlus 6T or introduces a large amount of noise or trying to minimize it, finishes with the fine detail unorthodox way.

 Cesar Mode Portrait
Mas Mode Portrait Far
Ruido Portrait Mode

None of being able to adjust the blur, variety of distances to work or acceptable results in low light. Neither is a way that stands out for sharpness and detail, something that in the faces is basic to get muscle, as does Google for example. Always look for good conditions for results without errors.

And at night or in low light? Here the OnePlus 6T offers a pretty good job, with no excessive noise, good level of detail, color and exposure. It is not up to the best market but we can not say that we do not get good photos. As always, if we dare with manual controls we can get much more out . And if we use the RAW shooting mode, many of the defects of the OnePlus 6T default processing can be compensated satisfactorily.

 Img 20181023 205401

What is not recommended is the night mode that OnePlus has Given enough prominence in the interface. Much better to keep the automatic mode.

 Night Mode

As we have indicated previously, the camera secundaria cuenta con un sensor de 16 megapíxeles, con estabilización electrónica de imagen (EIS) y apertura 2.0. Además el tamaño de los fotodiodos es el mismo que en la cámara trasera secundaria.

Eejmplo Selfies

Los selfies que conseguimos en el OnePlus 6T, si la luz en buena, muestra un enfoque acertado y color de piel natural, mientras que el HDR incluido no hace mucho por salvar sobreexposiciones ni hay muchas veces acierto en balance de blancos en interior.

En el modo de vídeo, las líneas generales se mantienen, aunque con un buen resultado teniendo en cuenta la estabilización incluida.

OnePlus 6T, la opinión y nota de Xataka

OnePlus recarga su apuesta por un segundo terminal antes de acabar el año y donde la velocidaden diferentes aspectos, es su razón de ser. Con unas líneas básicas que se mantiene y sin posibilidad de renovarse demasiado por dentro a nivel de hardware, el OnePus 6T sorprende por la llegada de un sistema de reconocimiento de huellas bajo la pantalla que nos ha ofrecido un resultado muy aceptable para ser su primera implementación.

Sí que ha aprovechado OnePlus para rearmar OxygenOS sobre Android 9 Pie, con un resultado que cada vez convence más. Si encima asegura rendimiento, gran pantalla y excelente autonomíael estancamiento en la cámara pasa más desapercibido. Es la gran asignatura pendiente, no por un resultado mediocre sino porque es el paso que le queda por dar para plantar seria batalla aprovechando además su buen precio.








A favor

  • El notch se ha reducido a la mínima expresión
  • Una de las mejores autonomías del año
  • Buen rendimiento y pantalla
  • El sensor de huellas en la pantalla funciona

En contra

  • Sonido por debajo del nivel del teléfono y precio
  • La cámara no da el salto definitivo de calidad
  • Los sistemas biométricos todavía tienen que afinarse

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