these are the 20 mythical games that will include PlayStation Classic

these are the 20 mythical games that will include PlayStation Classic

The pull of nostalgia continues to take place and therefore in mid-September Sony announced its new retro video game console, the PlayStation Classic . In the same way as Nintendo with its Classic mini, Sony's game console comes with various games that marked the era. A total of 20 classic titles that will be included when buying the PlayStation Classic device that will be for purchase from December 3 at a price of 99.99 euros.

The PlayStation Classic will be a replica of the original but 45% smaller. It includes a virtual memory card to save games, two wired controls and an HDMI to connect to the TV. In addition to the 20 games. A list that has been released today and among which we will find classics as well known as 'Final Fantasy VII', 'Resident Evil' or 'Rayman' .

Complete list of games that will include PlayStation Classic

The 20 games chosen are there to represent the best collection of titles available at the time which goes from the year 1994 when it was put to the sale until almost the year 2000 when the second generation arrived.

 Ps Classic Games

Antre the games highlights Final Fantasy VII, ] considered by many to be the best in the series ; Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, which we have already recommended or Metal Gear Solid, one of the first chapters of the mythical saga created by Hideo Kojima. Here we leave you with the complete official list:

  • 'Battle Arena Toshinden'
  • 'Cool Boarders 2'
  • 'Destruction Derby'
  • 'Final Fantasy VII'
  • 'Grand Theft Auto'
  • ] 'Intelligent Qube'
  • 'Jumping Flash!'
  • 'Metal Gear Solid'
  • 'Mr. Driller '
  • ' Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee '
  • ' Rayman '
  • ' Resident Evil Director's Cut '
  • ' Revelations: Person '
  • ' Ridge Racer Type 4 '
  • ' Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo '
  • ' Syphon Filter '
  • ' Tekken 3 '
  • ' Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six '
  • ' Twisted Metal '
  • ' Wild Arms'

We miss Great's appearance Tourism which was the best-selling game on the original PlayStation with almost 11 million copies. Nor appear other mythical games such as 'Soul Reaver', 'Dino Crisis', 'Spyro' or a title of the saga 'Crash Bandicoot'.


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