vote at the Xataka 2018 Awards

vote at the Xataka 2018 Awards

We continue with another round of voting to continue finding the finalists for the Xataka 2018 Awards, which will take place at Kinepolis Madrid on November 17 (more information on how to attend, here ). Now it's time to vote for the best mid-range smartphone of the year a category that is going to be hotly contested.

The list of candidates is made up of mobiles that have been launched this year to the market or have confirmed their launch in Spain during 2018, as well as those that came out at the end of 2017 after the Awards of last year took place. As the concept of mid-range can be a bit confusing at times, we have framed it in devices with a price between 200 and 449 euros.

As in the other categories, your votes will serve to choose the finalists, and will be counted along with those of the jury to choose the winners to be announced on the 17th. And the candidates are ..

Vote for the best mid-range smartphone

Note: If you are browsing from mobile and you can not see the form correctly, you can vote from here .

For the voting system we use Google Forms, so in order to send your vote you need to be identified in your Gmail account (or Google ) in the browser, either desktop or mobile, so that each reader can cast their vote. Thank you.

Other categories where you can already vote

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