Best Team Compositions in Brawl Stars

Hey guys! This is a straightforward, so let's jump straight into it!

What is a Team Composition?

A team composition is simply a combination of brawlers that work well in a particular setting. If you have a good composition, you will find it easy to push brawlers in a gameroom.

Team compositions can be good or bad. Of course, you want the good combinations to win! Think of them kind of like a Clash Royale deck with brawlers. Oh, and these do not apply to Showdown mode

Smash & Grab Compositions

Composition # 1- “The Hospital”

 pam brawl stars  little brawl stars  bull brawl stars

This is a team composition that works quite well in S & G. For it to be effective, you must control the center. Fortunately, this compositon makes it easy to keep control of the center.

To gain control, I would recommend using Bull as the killer and Pam and Little not necessarily for healing but also for support. Once you manage to kill all the other team at once, you have control.

This is not a significantly strong attacking composition, so hide after you have 10 gems. I recommend Pam to be the gems carrier because she stays in the back and is pretty tanky.

Composition # 2- “The P2W”

 tara brawl stars  spike brawl stars  barley brawl stars

Obviously, this composition will be usedless if you do not have the brawlers. However, their rarities are not for no reason. I have played this composition as a barley with a few of my friends and it works extremely well.

Tara and Spike work together to kill and gain control of the center while Barley provides support. Keeping control of the center is slightly harder than the previous one, but you can do it if you stagger the other team and kill one at a time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is not particularly defensive or tanky , so keep that in mind

Composition # 3- “Run and Gun”

 mortis brawl stars  shelly brawl stars  pam brawl stars

First , I want to say that I am extremely proud of myself for thinking of this name. On a serious note, however, this composition has fallen somewhat out of favor due to the Mortis nerf.

For this composition, Mortis is the distraction. Yes, I have grabs gems, but I do not know if it's good for her. Shelly to carry the gems. How to transfer the gems with minimal risk is a whole different issue. Usually, luring a member of the opposite team to your side and dying there will be your work.

Piper is here to add humor to the name, but also kill people. Make sure your piper is good at predicting because if she is not, often enemies will run off with very low health.

For this composition, you do not need to control the center, but it is always better to do SW. This composition is also not terribly tanky but instead relies on deception and destruction (hence the name).

 bounty mode

Bounty Compositions

Composition # 1- “The Snipers”

 tara brawl stars  colt brawl stars  crow brawl stars

This one is pretty straightforward. It requires a moderate amount of skill to play due to the amount of prediction required. Basically, kill others without dying and you win!

If you face this matchup, you should move unpredictably so that the other team can not snipe you. However, if you decide to play this one, try to take a whole team at one time, because it is harder to dodge 2 or 3 bullets than just one.

This is a very specialized composition, as reigns supreme in offense but not much else

Composition # 2 – (19459020) ” width=”66″ height=”75″/> ” width=”66″ height=”75″/> ” width=”66″ height=”75″/> ” width=”66″ height=”75″/> shelly brawl stars ” width=”66″ height=”75″/> ]

This composition mainly counts on teamwork to make the dream work. I do not recommend playing it unless you are playing with like-minded teammates that you can communicate with, if they are sitting next to you or are you simply chatting with them in a call.

Shelly is the main killer in this composition . Her main effectiveness ever since her nerfs are stealth and damage. Often, you will not be able to finish off your opponents, which is why there is a lot of poison in your hand.

Bo is there to cover retreats and do some minor damage, but mostly he is there for support. His arrows now do more damage than before, so oftentimes you will be able to finish off enemies with that as well.

Composition # 3- “Robot Power”

 ricochet brawl stars  barley brawl stars  the cousin brawl stars

Alright, I could not think of a better name for this one. Even though The Primo is not a robot, he fits in perfectly.

For this composition, Primo is the tank and distraction. On maps with more grass such as snake prarie, can also ambush enemies in the grass.

Ricochet and Barley are there for damage on opposite ends of the spectrum. Barley does great area control, while Rico can hit those hard-to-reach spots and keep enemies from regenerating health.

Ricochet kind of sucks right now, but he's definitely useful and personally I think he's a great brawler to use

 heist mode

Heist Compositions

Alright, do I even have to cover this one?

On Heist just use Barley and Dynamike – the most overpowered Brawlers ever. The third character can be a tank or a high damage brawler for support (not ideal, but it works).

Brawlers not to use in Heist are Pam, Piper, and Mortis due to their inconveniency. The one exception is piper on offense in G. G. Corral. There is a very specific strategy for Piper on this map. To use this strategy, break the crates in front of the vault and snipe away. (This works with Brock as well, though not as effectively.)

 brawl ball mode

Brawl Ball Compositions

Composition # 1- “Classic Football”

 bull brawl stars  mortis brawl stars  barley brawl stars

Not very long after Brawl Ball was released, this composition had already become a very popular one. It features diverse brawlers that work together very well. Some might even say this composition is overpowered although I do not believe that to be true. It is simply effective and easy to use.

One of the only weaknesses of this composition is that Bull is the only brawler who can break walls with his super-use it wisely. Other than that, this composition is very solid and there is not much else to say about it.

Composition # 2

 cousin brawl stars  colt brawl stars  dynamike brawl stars

Although similar to Composition # 1, this composition has its own strengths. For example, all three of these brawlers can break walls to make it easier to score a goal. The trade-off is that it will be to defend- however, Primo and Dynamike's supers will make a brawler drop the ball, so you can use those when necessary.

Make sure you do not let any opponents past you. If all the members of your team are north of even just 1 opponent, they could potentially receive the ball and walk past everybody. This is a potentially dangerous position to put yourself in.


I hope you guys enjoyed this short guide that took me too long to write!

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Ultimate Guide to Feast or Famine

What's up guys! It's MJF here with yet another Brawl Stars guide for our favorite map in Showdown, Feast or Famine!

For newer players, this map can be difficult to consistently win on but you know a few tricks and which brawlers to use it can It's very easy to make it to the top every single game.

In fact, by playing only Feast or Famine, I got my new Crow to Rank 16 in two days!

In this guide I'll be covering the Two main strategies you can use on this map and the best brawlers for each of these strategies. Then I'll talk about what to do on this map!

 brawl stars map feast or farmine

Strategy 1: Rush the Center of the Map

So, as we all know , the center of the map can hold anywhere from 3 to 8 boxes – getting all of these can result in a huge advantage for you due to the large number of upgrades you receive.

However, winning the fight for these boxes can be very difficult so I have some tips to help you out.

Choosing the right brawler

 bull brawl stars  the cousin brawl stars  shelly brawl stars

If you know that you are going to use this strategy, choose someone with a ton of HP or damage like Bull, The Cousin, or Shelly.

The Cousin is the best brawler use for this strategy due to his tankiness and his ability to break 4 boxes at once.

Play passively!

Hang around the edges of th and inner circle, and wait for others to reveal themselves.

Eventually, someone else will start breaking the boxes and you'll see their position.

If they're the only other brawler in there with you, wait for You will have to fight for them and they'll have to fight for them.

Remember, as soon as you're the only one left in the center quickly break all of the boxes so no one else comes to take them.

Once you have gotten your boxes, stay in the center.

The best place to stand is in the bottom center of the circle of bushes, strafing left to right.

This is so you can monitor the edges of the circle to make sure no one enters the circle with you.

If a weaker brawler comes to close to the circle, quickly jump out and kill them, then go back to your same spot.

Eventually, others will start shooting into th The circle closes with the gas closes in because they need a safe spot to get into the circle.

Carefully dodge their attacks, and as soon as they come into the bushes, ambush them and then hide again!

With this strategy you will lose sometimes!

It is much riskier than the other option but if you win the initial fight and get all of the boxes you will have almost guaranteed win

If you try a few I can not get on a tilt and lose too many trophies!

Use Barley or Poco for this? Yes you can!

 barley brawl stars  little brawl stars

Stay right at the edge of the circle, and wait for someone else to start breaking boxes.

When the boxes are one shot from breaking, quickly run through the center and use all three of your attacks to break every box.

Try to grab all of the powerups and get out of there!

This takes remove a lot of luck because a good player with fast reflexes could kill you.

The key is to get the boxes after taking a couple of hits because they will restore 500-800 health and you can escape the other brawlers.
This is more recommended if you're looking to have some fun – it almost never works but when it's it's hilarious!

Strategy 2: Control the Outer Edges of the Map

This strategy is more conservative and safe ; It involves less risk because you just lurk around the sides of the map and collect your starting boxes.

Pretty much every brawler works except Little and sometimes Piper .

The main problem with these two is that they can not break boxes fast enough and their damage is sometimes not enough.

I know Piper can break boxes in three hits at max range but with her super slow reload time she does not get the job done when fighting other brawlers, especially at close range.

Little just takes forever to break boxes. His burst damage is pretty good late, but it's really hard to get them in the first place and his range is pretty low so I would not recommend him.

The best brawler to use with this strategy is Crow.

 crow brawl stars I know the vast majority of players do not have him unlocked but it's still important to know this because it's helpful to know what other Crow players are likely to do you can counter them more effectively.

Crow just has everything – range, mobility, and damage.

On Feast or Famine, I can just chase other brawlers around the map and kill them while breaking boxes in five or fewer hits.

At long range, I have hits with 100-150 damage per dagger and then poisons, but at close range I have hits like a truck.

If you do not believe me, engage a Crow with a couple boxes at close range and watch your health get eliminated over 500 HP at a time!

Th in, to Crow player can just super away from you and finish you off easily.

If you see a Crow on this map or at all in Showdown just run away!

You should play more aggressively

This is because movement of players will be in a circle around the edge of the map, and by chasing people you will eventually drive them into another player.

By doing this you can force fights between other brawlers and finish them off when they get low on HP

Late game when the fog is closing in and there are a few brawlers left, make sure you're captious as you enter the inner circle of grass.

Usually there will be one brawler who used the first strategy who is lurking inside of these bushes and you want to find them and avoid them as long as possible.

Try to send attacks across the bushes to uncover players so that they fight each other, and avoid getting in any engagements until there are only two peopl and then left you have an easy opportunity.


Well that's about it for this guide guys!

I hope you enjoyed the read and got some good tips to help you win in Showdown on this map! [19659002] As always feel free to comment down below if you have any suggestions for future guides and I'll check out your ideas!

If you have any of your own strategies that you like to use on this map let everyone know so We can learn all together.

With all that said, see y'all later!


Brawl Stars December Update: New Gamemodes, Brawler and More!

The huge Brawl Stars December Update is just around the corner.

Let's take a look guys! The hype is just so huge right now!

Credits: clonandy

No Global Release Yet

No matter how disappointed we are, there is still no global or Android release,

Massive Brawler Upgrade Revamp

Say goodbye to Elixir! Say hello to the new Upgrades

The elixir will be replaced by upgrade Tokens (previously thought to be bolts).

All previously spent elixir will be converted to upgrade tokens.

It has still the same premise, “Attack, Health and Super.”

Now each section has to be upgraded 6 times unlike the elixir system in which you could max out section with 5 upgrades.

Each upgrade will have 6 slots which have to be filled out by specific upgrades. These upgrades drop individual from brawl boxes.

You can get any upgrade anytime from a brawl box, you could get lucky and get upgrade 6 before upgrade 1.

The upgrades also improve the stats more than the last upgrade.

So lets say upgrade 1 in health adds 5 health, then 2 will add 10 so on and so on all the way to upgrade 6.

You can also get these upgrades serially by buying them with upgrade tokens. [19659002] At the end of these upgrades when you have unlocked all 6 upgrades, you will also earn a special ability.

Each character has their own special ability.

  • Colt passively runs faster.
  • Jessie can now shoot at and heal her own turret.
  • Spike's super heals him substantial for a short period of time.
  • Shelly will get a pet. (19659021) Tara gets some sort of alien when she uses her super.
  • Bo passively sees further in bushes. From 2 tiles to 5.

TL; DR : Elixir will be replaced by upgrade tokens. New individual upgrades are coming from Brawl Boxes. All characters now get a special ability when their upgrades are maxed out

 new special ability brawl stars

Shared by KairosTime

New UI and General stuff

A new UI made from the ground up.

There is a new UI for the game select screen, for the shop, for the characters upgrade screen and for the leaderboards.

There is also new music to accompany it.

The coin cap has been increased to almost a million.

New Brawl Box System

Now, you will no longer get duplicates.

The chips you have stored will be converted to gems at the rate of 3 gems for 1 chip .

Also, as mentioned, you can now get brawler upgrades and crests to the already existing drops. You can also get Tickets …

New Gamemodes

Using the tickets you got from the brawl boxes, you can play 2 new gamemodes.

These are unranked modes so don ' t worry about losing any trophies, just have fun. These game modes are the Boss Fight or Monster Hunt (undecided) and Robo Rumble.

Boss Fight or Monster Hunt:

In this game mode, you have 6 people.

Out of those 6 people, 1 of them is a boss. The boss has a lot more stats than the other brawlers but they can not regenerate any health meaning any damage is permanent.

The objective is to take the body before the time runs out.

Rumble theft:

In this game mode, you and two other friends are tasked to protect a safe from other players but a swarm of robots that come in waves.

The robots come in many varieties from the normal melee to a giant boss robot

It seems that from the ticket gamemodes you can get tons of coins endlessly.

There is no limit (this may change). As long as you have tickets, you can keep raking in coins.

Quality of Life Changes

In game rooms, you will be able to see how many coins you have gotten for a specific event.

You will also be able to change the events within the room. So, now you no longer need to disband for each event. It is also easier to invite friends.

In friendly battles, you can play ANY game mode in ANY map at ANY time. Making it much easier to make tournaments and such.

New Leaderboard System

In the new system, you will have milestones for your total trophies at 200, 400, 600 , 1000 and such.

These milestones will award you with gold.

Also if you are already high in trophies, do not worry. Every player will get the milestone rewards that they have already passed before.

So, if your total trophy record is 1000, you will be able to get the rewards for 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000.

New Brawler

Finally, a new brawler. Meet Darryl

The robot in a barrel with a double double shotgun barrel

Darryl's basic attack is shot twice with his shotguns. They seem to go as far as Shelly's bullets. The first shot is quickly followed by the second.

His super is kinda like Bull's. He rolls in and damages all enemy brawlers in his path.

The main difference is that Bull destroys obstacles, Darryl ricochets off of them.

It's not clear how many times I have bounces but it is thought to be 2 as shown in the current available clips

Balance Changes

 brawl stars balance changes december

Shared by KairosTime

Well that's it. The whole brawl talk summarized in under a 1000 words. Hope you learned something new here. Well, goodbye and see ya in the next one.

Improve Your Skills with 5v5 Showdown

Welcome to 5v5 Team Showdown!

In this new mode, the Rules are simple, but the Game is a lot more complex!

Grab 9 other band members and head into a Friendly Showdown for a 5v5 Team Battle Royale!

5v5 Showdown Rules:

  • The Top 5 members in the selection screen move to the left of the map ASAP
  • The Bottom 5 members in the selection screen move to the right of the map ASAP
  • No firing until you're on YOUR side, and NO attacking enemy players until they're on their side of the map
  • Once you've met up with your team, try not to shoot them as you try to take down the enemy team
  • The last team with a member still living WINS the round!

Feel free to make up your own rules and have fun with it!

  • HARD but HILARIOUS – Everyone plays THE SAME brawler (Do not forget to memorize your teammates names!)
  • DIFFICULT but COMPETITIVE – Each team selects th eir own 5 Brawlers (19659007) EASIEST but SO MUCH FUN – The top team all plays 1 brawler, and the Bottom team plays a different brawler!

Here are some combinations to try, but the options are unlimited:

  • Barley vs. Dynamike
  • Colt vs. Ricochet
  • Bull vs. Darryl
  • Nita vs. Jessie
  • Shelly vs. Bo
  • Brock vs. Piper
  • Little vs Pam
  • Tara v Crow

I hope your Band has as many fun as Kairos Warriors did when we tried this out!

For some gameplay of this in action, make sure to check out this Best 3 of 5 video I put on YouTube:

The video also explains the rules in the first 3 minutes or so, making it the perfect thing to share with your Band Members. Explaining the rules to 9 other people on such a limited chat can be … well … you can imagine.

Ticking By,


Boss Fight – Best Tips and Strategies

Hello fellow Brawlers! I'm KairosTime, and it's time to talk about Boss Fight!

As someone who's played Boss fight, I wanted to give the community some tips and suggestions to succeed in Boss Fight so you can maximize your rewards!

In addition, I've included a quick n 'dirty Tier List regarding which Brawlers are the best and worst in this game so you do not have to waste tickets figuring it out yourself.

Quick tips for being the Boss:

  • You maximize rewards by staying alive the longest. Try to stay back and make your opponents come to you to increase their walking time
  • It's easier to deal with 1 or 2 Brawlers at once than all 5. Try to pick people off one at a time rather than attacking everyone. [19659007] Spawns like Jessie's turret and Nita's bear also get a HUGE buff. This is one reason why Nita is one of the best brawlers as a boss. (She may be honestly the best.) She's insane)
  • Healing is HUGELY nerfed for bosses. Characters like Little and Pam that need their healing in other modes because of this.

Quick tips for taking down the boss:

  • You maximize rewards by taking the boss down faster. Try to decrease walk speed by forcing the boss out of the back of the map.
  • The time it takes for you to walk back from spawn is MUCH longer than the time it takes for you to go back and heal. Do not just go in “Guns Ablazin '”! Try to stay alive and attack from a distance.
  • Try to surround the Boss so he / she can not attack all of you at once.

Brawler Tier List for Boss Fight

I wanted to get this to the community as fast as possible, so I'm not going to take the time to write up all of the reasons each Brawler is in their respective Tier.

A lot of it makes sense based on the information above, but if you 'd like to know my thoughts on each Brawler, please check out my corresponding video guide to Boss Fight here

S Tier – Excellent for being the Boss and playing against the Boss

 nita brawl stars  shelly brawl stars  dynamike brawl stars  barley brawl stars  spike brawl stars

A Tier – Very Good for being the Boss and playing against the Boss

 colt brawl stars  tara brawl stars  crow braw l stars

B Tier – Good for being the boss and playing against the Boss

 bo brawl stars  daryl brawl stars  jessie brawl stars  ] pam brawl stars  ricochet brawl stars

C Tier – Fair for being the boss and playing against the boss

 bull brawl stars  the cousin brawl stars  mortis brawl stars  little brawl stars

F Tier – Poor for being the Boss and playing against the Boss

 piper brawl stars  brock brawl stars

Some final notes for the Boss Fight Mode

From what we could tell with the practice we had in the Dev Build, the cutoff for who wins seems to be at about 2:15.

If you're the boss, try to last longer than this

If you're one of the 5, try to take the boss down before this cutoff

The minimum reward I ever s aw was 8 coins per ticket (we lost at over 4 minutes against the boss), and the maximum I ever saw was 28 (there could be a higher maximum).

I do not have enough data to determine where The minimum and maximum reward times are at, but if I were to make an educated guess based off of what I've seen, it would be at about 1:15 and 4:15.

Event Tickets EXPIRE after the event is over .

Do not save any of them for the next event cause they'll disappear. If you have TONS of tickets and do not have much time, you can spend up to 20 at a time to maximize your time

Lastly, HAVE FUN!

Playing this Game Mode was THE MOST fun I've had playing Brawl Stars EVER!

I could not help but bust up laughing for the first hour of playing it, and I know a lot of the dev build users would say the same. HUGE props to Supercell for adding such a great addition to the game.

That's the way hunting cameras are

One month after its launch, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (better known as TESS) goes through the moon on its way to the study of exoplanets. This point is not quasual, but totally determinant for the mission, and as proof that everything is going to space wind aft we have the first photo of TESS testing one of its cameras.

From the mission ] we are talking to you a little about its launch: on April 18, 2018 we would see it flying through the air thanks to a Falcon 9 rocket from Space X to take the Kepler witness. A mission that counts a system with four fully equipped wide-angle cameras whose breakdown is very interesting.

Continúa leyendo That's the way hunting cameras are

Who are the X-Force, the superheroes who revolutionized the X-Men of the 90s

It has already premiered at world level ' Deadpool 2 ', the expected sequel of one of the most surprisingly successful films of which we have been for a decade. Surprising more for being a character relatively unknown to the general public. In it, and without getting into spoilers, is introduced to the X-Force a group “brother / son” of the X-Men that will help Wade Wilson to pursue Cable.

A first appearance that serves (or not, we'll see in a tape) appetizer for his own film directed by Drew Goddard and we'll see sometime in the next decade. But who are the X-Force and what is their relationship to the X-Men in the comics? Continúa leyendo Who are the X-Force, the superheroes who revolutionized the X-Men of the 90s

from typewriters to tablets

The security standards of US prisons represent a business opportunity for those who are ingenious enough to adapt to them. For example there are the electronic devices, which have to be transparent so that the guards can review them without having to open them in case some prisoner had hidden something inside.

One of the best examples of how to stand Swintec a manufacturer of typewriters that opened to the sky when he discovered that computers did not have as much penetration in American prisons. They had the idea of ​​creating transparent typewriters that have become very popular and like them other companies have also sharpened their ingenuity in search of creating technologies for prisons.

Continúa leyendo from typewriters to tablets

from the Tesla photocopier to the Isetta electric clone

Xiaopeng Motors was founded by Henry Xia in 2014. He was working in the Research and Development area for Guangzhou Automobile Group when Tesla announced that they were opening their patents ; from then on the ban was opened and the first market of vehicles of the world wanted to exploit the possibilities that this offered: to make brands such as Tesla or Range Rover affordable products amid the fever of the electric car .

But Tesla is not the only company that has clones in China. Chery, Zotye or Jiangling have already perpetuated shameless copies of well-known premium models, not always at the price of demolition.

Continúa leyendo from the Tesla photocopier to the Isetta electric clone

How to Win More in Brawl Stars!

Hello Fellow Brawlers! I'm KairosTime and it is time to WIN MORE Brawl Stars by having the Team Mindset !

This guide is meant for beginners and more experienced players alike and will help anyone get better at the game by applying these strategies!

The Mindsets

MVP Mindset

Before we get to the Team Mindset, it's important to understand what the MVP Mindset is

Playing with the MVP Mindset is when someone plays with the goal of getting Star Playing, getting the most kills, and doing the most damage even if it means leaving their teammates behind and without support.

Although some players make It's a lot of games that they had won if they had focused on winning as a team, or playing with the Mindset Team

Team Mindset

The Team Mindset is when a player play With the mindset of winning as a team rather than being the MVP

This is the key to winning with Randoms and although it takes some practice, mastering the Team Mindset will help ANY player get better at the game.

This is because the game was a 1v1 game, but rather a TEAM game!

Almost always, it's the team that plays more as a team that wins.

So, how do you play with a Team Mindset?!

It all starts with Team Awareness or knowing where your teammates are and if they could use some help. [19659006] By focusing on knowing where your teammates are, you will be able to know better when to come in and assist them with a kill, help them fall back rather than take them out, and be able to know if you should expect to flank

A player with the MVP Mindset will only pay attention to himself / herself, while a player with the Mindset Team will try to pa and attention to their teammates

Once you're paying attention to your teammates, you'll know when it's time to come give them an Assist or to help them kill an enemy Brawler.

] It's easy to see that 2 is always stronger than 1, and 3 is always stronger than 2.

Applying this 1 principle is what separates the beginners with the experienced players

By teaming with teammates on enemy Brawlers to give them an assist, you can quickly turn the tide of a fight to benefit your team

Here are some different ways that you can assist an allied Brawler

Attack from different angles

This is the simplet, but also probably the most common and most effective way to assist an allied Brawler

Attacking from different angles makes it difficult for enemy Brawlers to dodge or juke shots

Even the most skilled Juker will struggle against 3 Brawlers firing at him from 3 different angles.

Surrou nd an enemy from the side

Because Brawl Stars is built to be a vertical game, many players pay less attention to their surroundings to the left and right.

Even if they do pay attention, coming from the side allows you to eliminate 1 escape route which makes things that much more difficult for the enemy Brawler.

Come in from behind

Coming in from behind can be a risky move because you risk getting surrounded by yourself

But if you know that enemy Brawlers are not in position to surround you, you can almost always to kill when you can put an enemy between you and an ally.


This is where an enemy Brawler is using terrain to hide and you and a friendly Brawler comes around the terrain from different sides to corner the enemy Brawler.


This is where 1 Brawler hides in the grass to set up a trap, and an allied Brawler pretends to be weak and fall back the enemy Brawler will chase them.

If the Brawler takes the bait, you're almost guaranteed to kill.


This is where 1 Brawler gets in the way of enemy fire to protect a friendly Brawler.

This takes some skill to know when to do it because it can You are in the enemy building up their super and taking both of you out.

But when the time is right, you can protect an allied Brawler with more Gems or Bounty stars than yourself and win the game.

This doesn ' I always find in a kill-assist, but is an important strategy for skilled players.

Team Fight

Next, let's talk about Teamfights .

A Teamfight is when multiple Brawlers on both teams come to one area to fight as a team.

Typically, the winner of a teamfight is the team that maintains better positioning and teamwork

You maintain positioning by making sure the enemy team can not single you out .

ou maintain teamwork by attacking the same targets as your team to quickly take them out.

Going Rambo

This is a jump to a team fight without the support of your teammates.

This is almost always a suicidal tactic, and yet players do it all the time because they have the MVP Mindset.

In most cases, it's better for you to wait for your teammates before going to the fight so that you have their support and are more likely to be reckoned with.

That being said, Going Rambo can also be useful when the countdown has begun and you do not have time to wait for teammates, but other than this case, you should probably wait for support


Before finishing this Strategy Guide, I wanted to touch on Overextending .

To Overextend is to push onto the enemy's side of the map without the support of your team.

This can be a useful strategy if you are play ing tanky or close-range Brawler because it allows you to sneak up on squishier Brawlers in the back

It is also sometimes necessary to overextend in order to take out enemy Brawlers, but this strategy can also be very risky because it makes you susceptible to being teamed on

It's important that you pay attention to where enemy Brawlers are while overextending.

If you know where they are, and they ' re not to threat to you overextending, you're good. If you do not know where they are, you may be better off falling back

It's also important to pay attention to Brawlers being defeated . If your teammates are taken, you're at risk of getting flanked. If an enemy gets taken out, it's only a matter of seconds before they are respawn and are an immediate threat to you.

Now that you know how to gain the Team Mindset and are prepared with the necessary strategies to use it, it's [19659002] time to Brawl! For more Strategy Guides, check me out on YouTube !

Ticking By,